How It Works.

NAM3R is the world’s first Blockchain Domain Reservation Company. We make it easy for anyone to easily reserve their name on the NEW INTERNET. No tech skills needed. Safeguard your Internet Identity today.
These are TOP LEVEL DOMAINS. No more renting .COM owned by someone else.
You can now own .YOURNAME

Why Is It Important?

Because you are important. Your name is VERY IMPORTANT. Securing your name on the NEW INTERNET now is a great idea. Early adopters of technology are rewarded as the technology matures.

Just like those who bought Bitcoin in 2015 or Amazon stock in 2016, the smart people are securing their Internet identity now before the rush.

With 7.8 Billion people on this planet and ONE INTERNET, identity is critical.
Blockchain Domains are the next great TECH invention.
ACT FAST. Let NAM3R secure your best name today.

What Is The Process to Secure A Domain?

NAM3R is a Domain Name reservation company only. In order to use your new domain, you will be required to take full ownership of your name. Follow this link to learn how.

NAM3R works with the HANDSHAKE protocol. HANDSHAKE is an experimental peer to peer root DNS sysyem. HANDSHAKE domains do not at present resolve on regular DNS sites. Many internet browsers do support HANDSHAKE domains such as OPERA browser, Browser plugins and third party resolvers are also available.
More browsers are expected to add HANDSHAKE support in the future. You can learn more about HANDSHAKE here: about-handshake

NAM3R uses NAMEBASE to interact with the HANDSHAKE protocol. Namebase is a top-level domain (TLD) name registrar that operates on the Handshake blockchain.

You tell us personal, relevant words to you such as your name, social media handle(s), meaningful phrase or words & we will then research those words for you on the Blockchain to secure the very best personalized TLD to meet your key words.

1 FREE domain where we research and obtain your name.
Includes parking the name for 1 year. 

Process of Securing Your Name, Your Domain.

Already secured your domain? Want to take ownership?