Why You Need This

Your Name - Your Domain.

Payments, Identity, E-mail all in one easy to use Blockchain Domain. But act fast, good names go quickly.

NAM3R is your one-stop solution for Blockchain Domains. Now anyone can reserve their personal top-level domain on the new internet. We navigate the world of cryptocurrency, auctions and technology and we get your Blockchain Domain name secured for your future.

Your OWN Company Domain.

Do you have a business?
Internet Real Estate is one of your most valuable assets. It will only become more important as the New Internet arrives. Secure you Top Level Domain today and future-proof your business.

NAM3R provides top level consulting to secure your digital future. Contact us for details of how we can help you.

Why Do I Need This Product?

Because the Internet is changing fast. And having your own Blockchain Domain is going to be a very smart decision.

Your Domain Name will become your new UserName. Emerging technology will make domain names very important. You will use your Blockchain Domain for many things:

When Gmail First Arrived...

On April 1, 2004 people thought it was an April Fool’s day prank.

Admission was by invitation only. You needed to know someone who had it and they had very few invitations for friends and family. Invitations sold for up to $1500 on the secondary market.

Today Gmail has over 1.5 billion users. Each one has a unique UserName, that’s 1.5 billion names that you cannot ever use.

In 2004 very few people had accounts. You could easily get an easy to remember name like JohnSmith@Gmail.com. Today you simply cannot get an easy to remember name on Gmail. You get something like Johnsmith78tr4!@gmail.com.

Potentially every human connected to the internet will need one.
Thats 7,853,679,340 humans and counting. 7.8 BILLION

You need to get your Blockchain Domain before the masses arrive. Secure your future for only $40.00. Sign up today and get us working for you.

NAM3R is Your Blockchain Domain Name Acquisition Service

We deal with the technology, you get your name on the NEW internet.

1 FREE domain name where we research and obtain your name.
Includes parking the domain name for 1 year. 

What Is The Process?

Why Use NAM3R?

Quite simply, there is no one offering this service today.
Current registrars like GoDaddy do not yet sell Blockchain Domains.
The few other Blockchain Domain companies only sell subdomains of Top Level Domains that they own like .crypto or .c.

They do not offer PERSONALIZED names like NAM3R.