Frequently Asked Questions

NAM3R is the world’s first Blockchain Domain Reservation Company. We enable anyone to reserve their personal Top-Level Domain on the NEW INTERNET. No tech skills needed.
We suggest you start with your full name or your favorite social media name. Or perhaps your nickname.
No, many popular last names and first names are already reserved. There are still great names available, we will search for you and give you several options.
A blockchain is simply a state-of-the-art ledger. A list of data. But what makes it special is that this new technology uses cryptography to make the data entered on the ledger ultra-secure. Data is entered in blocks, and the blocks are linked together in a chain hence BLOCKCHAIN
Computers read numbers for locations. DOMAIN NAMES give human readable names to those addresses. For example, you can enter or simply use the Domain Name
Instead of being stored on one computer or server like today’s big companies, the NEW INTERNET will be hosted on thousands of computers all over the world. No central point of weakness or control. DE-CENTRALIZED. This is the same technology that secures the BITCOIN network.
Very safe. Due to the decentralized technology, this technology has proven to be safe enough to host a trillion-dollar Bitcoin economy without being hacked.
NO. You cannot for example reserve .FACEBOOK or .MICROSOFT The top 100,000 most used domains in the legacy system were reserved on the NEW INTERNET. The new domain name system will work alongside the existing domain system. It simply adds to it.
Absolutely. You can reserve as many as you like. We provide a discount for purchasing more than one name.
What could be better than securing someone’s name for them on the NEW INTERNET? A Vanity license plate for the internet. Watch for our gifting program coming soon
YES. We have an excellent referral program. You can earn by referring NAM3R.

Once you reserve your name with NAM3R, you will always have the right to purchase the name. You will need to have the tech skills to set up a cryptocurrency wallet and use cryptocurrency for us to transfer and you to store the domain safely. We will be glad to assist with this and encourage everyone to learn more about this exciting new world. Our goal for now is to remove the technology barrier to adoption and allow anyone to reserve their name.

The current domain name system is run by a company called ICAAN. They decide what TOP-LEVEL domains get to exist on the internet and they then allow companies like GODADDY or NAMECHEAP to rent them to the public. NAM3R works with a protocol called HANDSHAKE. This is the alternative to the current system. It allows for unlimited TOP-LEVEL domains not controlled by any company.

NAM3R works with the Handshake protocol. Handshake is an experimental peer to peer root DNS system built on a fork of the bcoin blockchain. Handshake domains do not currently resolve on regular DNS sites. Many internet browsers support Handshake domains such as OPERA browser. Browser plug-ins and third-party resolvers are also available. More browsers are expected to add Handshake support in the future. You can learn more about Handshake protocol here.

NAM3R uses NAMEBASE to interact with the HANDSHAKE protocol. Namebase is a top-level domain (TLD) name registrar that operates on the Handshake blockchain.

There are a couple of major differences:

Unstoppable domains sell SECOND level domains. They own the domain .CRYPTO. You can buy a subdomain of .crypto. For example myname.crypto

NAM3R lets you reserve and buy TOP level Domains. .myname or .mynickname etc.

When you own the TOP level domain, you control it. You can create as many subdomains to the left of your TLD as you like. 

UNSTOPPABLE DOMAINS .crypto uses the ETHEREUM blockchain.  A lot of projects use this blockchain. Transaction fees are very high and unpredictable.

NAM3R uses the HANDSHAKE blockchain. This blockchain is devoted to domain names. Transaction fees are tiny compared to Ethereum.

UNSTOPPABLE has done a tremendous job in the Blockchain Domain field. We view all participants in this emerging technology as allies and not competitors.

We feel HANDSHAKE is the superior technology. UNSTOPPABLE has the first mover advantage but we believe in time HANDSHAKE will be the dominant protocol.

HANDSHAKE is to domain names what BITCOIN is to money.

You can learn more about UNSTOPPABLE here:

Here is the information you will need to know in order take ownership of your NAM3R domain name.